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How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Shower

How long after a spray tan can you shower? Your spray tan supervision is necessary to maintain your bronzed glow. Before you make an entrance into the studio, you take into consideration of your tan, and it goes beyond your tan. After a spray tan, one of the most typical questions is “when should I take a shower after a spray tan”? In this article, Arkfacility Store will discuss what you’ll do after a spray tan.

We suggest that you wait for at least 12 hours before you take a  shower, but do not delay it longer than 24 hours after your spray tan. Don’t fret if you notice some golden glow going down the drain as you wash off your body after a spray tan. You’ll also notice that when you go outside, your skin will look shaded with copper. 

It is also most suitable to stay out of all moisture. The first few hours after getting a spray tan are extremely significant as the solution is setting on your skin. Keep in mind to stay away from any extra humidity like moistening your skin, sweating, or putting liquid bases that could get your tan wet. You could use cotton towels after your shower and carefully damp them on your skin.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Shower?

It’s generally recommended to wait at least two hours before taking a shower after obtaining a spray tan. You might be able to take a shower sooner if you are feeling unusually dry or it’s a hot day. Use mild soap and water while taking a shower if you plan to take one less than two hours after obtaining a spray tan to prevent rubbing the tan off.

How do I Shower After a Spray Tan?

Now that you know how long can you shower after a spray tan, it is time to talk about how will you shower after getting a tan spray. Ideally, when taking a shower after a spray tan, you could only use warm water and oil-free body scrubs. Keep in mind that taking a lengthy hot, foamy shower will not be a good idea so the solution is to make it brief.

Keep in mind not to cleanse your body too harshly when you shower after a spray tan. Exfoliating and scrubbing may be a bad idea to do after you get a spray tan.  Although you may be ready to say goodbye to your tan and prep yourself on getting a new one, there is a time and place for exfoliating. Instead, you can gently employ using the back of your hand with an oil-free body wash to rinse the exterior solution off your skin. Avoid soaps or bar soaps that deprive your skin of harsh chemicals.

Instead of rubbing, make sure to just pat yourself dry after taking a shower. Now that you feel refreshed and clean after a good shower, you can start moisturizing to seal in that tan. Ideally, moisturizing twice a day can actually help you to bring out that bronze glow from your skin.

It is also important to use high-quality towels when drying yourself. ArkfacilityStore has a 450gsm face cloth towel which is the best washcloths out there in the market. You can also choose from our products like 750gsm towels, luxury bath towel sets, luxury bathrobe, luxury hand towels, 450gsm towel, and luxury bath sheets that are lavish but at a reasonable price.

Washing Hair

Now that you’re done with a tanning session, you will be advised to wash your hair. Your primary concern now is if washing your hair can impact the effects of the spray tan. Don’t worry as there are some easy ways you could do to wash your hair after getting a spray tan.

Right after you get your spray tan, you must permit your tan to develop and set up thoroughly on your skin. Delay the time of washing your hair for at least 24 hours, or if you can’t endure it, you can just merely rinse it. Don’t allow your newly tanned skin to run through the shower, shampoo, and conditioner.  Keep in mind to lean over the sink before rinsing your hair to avoid streaks of soap and uneven spots on your skin.

It is better to pick a shampoo that will suit your hair. Try using shampoos that have sulfate free and paraben as it is much gentler on your hair and skin. By using these kinds of products, you will also avoid getting your hair ripped or brandy. Do not permit the moisture in your hair to touch your skin, so make sure that after rinsing your hair you’ll tie it into a bun.

Lastly, remember that you will only rinse your hair and avoid bathing for a day to allow the spray tan to set on your skin. Remember to not allow your hair which is indulged in conditioner or splash water on your skin as it will leave a patchy fade on your skin.

Here is the list of shampoo and conditioner components you must avoid after getting a spray tan:

  • Fragrances
  • Dyes
  • Essential Oils
  • Alcohol
  • Mineral Oil

Remember to avoid these components so that they will not affect your newly tanned skin. If you are picky about what you use for pillows when lying down, you might as well try a 200-thread count satin stripe fabric oxford pillowcase to cover your pillows. You can also try to use linen pillowcases to accompany your newly bought linen pillows and of course linen bedspread.

How to Obtain a Tan Quicker

Utilize sunscreen with an SPF of 30

Consistently wear sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV protection of at least 30 SPF. Never employ a tanning oil that does not possess sun protection. Be certain to apply sunscreen within 20 minutes of standing outside. An SPF of 30 is powerful enough to stop UVA and UVB rays, but not so emphatic that you won’t get tan. Protect your body with at least a whole ounce of sunscreen.

Change places often

This will assist you to avoid burning one portion of your body. Consume foods that possess beta-carotene. Edibles like sweet potatoes, kale, and carrots can aid your tan without burning. More studies are needed, but some research shows that beta-carotene can help decrease sun sensitivity in individuals with photosensitive diseases.

Attempt using oils with naturally transpiring SPF

While these should not substitute your normal sunscreen, certain oils like carrot, raspberry, coconut, and avocado can be used for an additional dose of hydration and SPF protection.

Don’t remain outside for longer than your skin can produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment accountable for tanning. It usually takes 2-3 hours for melanin to be cut off for everyone. After this quantity of period, your skin will not get dimmer on a particular day. If you get past that point, you can avoid harming your skin.

Consume lycopene-rich meals

Samples include watermelon, tomatoes, and guava. A little 2011 analysis (and older study, such as this 2001 study) discovered that lycopene helps protect the skin innately against UV rays.

Select your tanning period wisely. If your plan is to tan fast, the sun is generally strongest between noon and 3 p.m. Keep in mind, however, that while the sun is at its most powerful during this time, it will do the most harm due to the potency of the rays, and is likely to raise the risk of skin cancer due to this exposure. If you have exceptionally fair skin, it’s most acceptable to tan in the morning or after 3 p.m. to avoid burning.

Regard wearing a strapless top

This can aid you to get a precise tan without any lines. Seek shade and taking intervals will make it less possible for you to burn, and it will give your skin a breather from the extreme heat.

Prepare before you think of getting tanned

Preparing your skin before running outdoors can help your tan extend. Make sure to exfoliate your skin before tanning. It is possible that your skin will likely flake off if not exfoliated. Utilizing an aloe vera gel after tanning may also benefit your tan last longer.

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Determining Your Tan Shade

Each individual is unique when it comes to how dark their skin will obtain in the sun. Some individuals will burn almost instantly, and some people will infrequently burn. This is primarily due to melanin, the pigment accountable for tanning that’s found in the hair, skin, and even the eyes.

Individuals with lighter skin have less melanin and may burn or tend to turn red in the sun. Individuals with darker skin have more additional melanin and will obtain a darker complexion as they tan. However, darker-skinned people still have a risk of both sunburn and skin cancer.

Melanin is produced naturally by the body to safeguard the deep layers of skin from damage. It is also reasonable that even if you don’t burn, the sun is still causing harm to your skin. After staying in the scorching heat, it is time to cool off and take a shower. Arkfacility Store produces bath sheet towels and bedding for hotels. We also produce different linen sheet sets like a linen throw blanket, plush bath towels, and soft comforter sets that are also guaranteed anti-allergy products.

Dangers of UV exposure

Expending too much time in the sun, particularly without any sun protection, can harm your skin, cause early aging, and direct to skin cancer. In reality, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), skin cancer is the most typical cancer in the United States. 1 in 5 Americans likely to have skin cancer in their lifetime.

The AAD also notes that the rate of melanoma. The most treacherous form of skin cancer, has increased 800 percent among women ages 18 to 39. Exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun or tanning beds is the most significant risk. This factor for the prevalence of melanoma subjects. Because exposure to UV light is the most curable threat factor for skin cancer. The AAD recommends against using tanning beds and urges everyone to protect their skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.


When it comes to obtaining your glow-on, spray tans are the reliable option available. And with the right supervision, a dark spray tan can prevail for up to 10 days. If you still have inquiries talk to your spray technician. About how you can make your hue last and avert streaking.

Many individuals enjoy unwinding in the sun and the look of tanned skin. But it has a variety of dangers, including skin cancer. To limit your vulnerability to the sun, there are methods you can tan quicker. This incorporates wearing SPF 30, selecting the time of day wisely, and prepping your skin beforehand. 

As much as you like to get tanned. It is also necessary to know the importance of the sheets that you are utilizing. While drying off your skin after cleansing your face or the sheets that you will be dozing on. Arkfacility Store is a manufacturer that produces different types of sheets. That are used by hotels restaurants, and of course households. Arkfacility Store produces bathroom robe, cotton kitchen towels, linen napkin, hand towels, washcloths, and different bathroom sheets. You can also visit our other blogs for more tips!

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How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Shower



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