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How to Get Hair Out of Shower Drain

How to get Hair out of shower drain? If you’re dealing with a clogged shower drain, the good news is that it’s likely caused by hair. Hair buildup in drains can lead to other clogs and slow your drain down over time, which is why it’s important to remove hair from your shower as often as possible. In this article, Arkfacility Store will help you find out how to get rid of hair in your shower drain.

One of the easiest ways to remove hair from your shower drain is to use a metal grate. These grates fit snugly over the drain and catch excess hair, preventing it from getting into the pipes. If you don’t have one of these grates, you can also try using a metal slotted spoon or chopsticks to pull hair out of the drain manually.

Another way to remove hair from your shower drain is by using a commercial drain cleaner that’s specifically designed to break down hair and other greasy buildups in drains. These cleaners come in both liquid and powder form, and you can pour them directly into the shower drain or use them as part of a regular maintenance routine. If your shower drain is still clogged after a few rounds of manual or commercial cleaning, you might need to contact a professional.

What Melts Hair in the Shower Drain?

If you’ve ever taken a shower in a hotel or an apartment building, chances are good that you’ve watched your hair gets caught up in the drain and never come back. The reason for this is simple: most drains are built to catch large pieces of debris, not fine little hairs.

The easiest way to remove hair from a shower drain is to use a drain cleaner that is specifically designed for this purpose. These chemicals are usually made with strong acids or enzymes and can break down organic material, including hair. However, it’s important not to overuse these products, as they can be corrosive and may damage your plumbing system over time.

Another option is to simply use boiling water. Boiling water is hot enough to dissolve hair, and it won’t add any chemicals or other materials to your drain that may cause damage down the line. Simply boil a few pots of water and pour them directly into the drain; then use a plunger to help push everything through.

If you’ve ever been stuck dealing with hair clogs in your shower drain, then you know just how frustrating and gross they can be. Fortunately, removing hair from this area is actually relatively easy when you have the right tools and techniques. 

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How to Clean Your Shower Drain Full of Hair

The shower drain is one of the most commonly clogged drains in your home, often due to hair and soap scum. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to get out any buildup using a few simple tools. Here are some steps you can take to clear out your shower drain and keep it from getting clogged up again:

Using Baking Soda 

If you’re tired of the hair that seems to be constantly clogging up your shower drain, or if you just want a simple way to keep your drains clean and clear, then this article is for you. We’ll explain how to get rid of hair in the shower drain using baking soda – also known as sodium bicarbonate – a household staple that can be found in almost every kitchen.

What you’ll need:

-A few cups of baking soda


-A small bowl or container for mixing the baking soda and water together

-Essential tools: rubber gloves, a pair of tongs, and a funnel (to help pour the mixture down your drain)

Step 1: Mixing the Baking Soda and Water Together

-Baking soda (coarse, not fine)

-An old toothbrush or small brush with stiff bristles, such as an old cleaning brush

-A bowl of hot water to rinse the drain after you’re done

First, pour a cup or two of baking soda down the drain. Mix it with ½ to 1 cup hot water until you have a thick paste. Then take your old toothbrush and scrub the baking soda all around the inside of your drain, even getting right up into the pipe where hair usually gets stuck. You can also use a small brush with stiff bristles. This will help loosen and remove any gunk or buildup that has accumulated over time and should help open up your drain a little bit more so hair can’t stick there as easily in the future.

Step 2: Rinsing it All Down With Water

Now you’re going to pour a cup or so of hot water down the drain. This will help rinse away all the baking soda, which should also soften up any hair and residue on your drain pipes.

Step 3: Repeat as Necessary

If you run into any problems with slow-draining water or a clogged drain, the baking soda should help dissolve and remove it. But if you notice any hairs sticking to your shower walls after you take a shower, it’s probably because they managed to stick to your drain pipes before the baking soda could do its job. In that case, just repeat this process and before long you won’t need to worry about hair clogging your shower drain anymore.

There you have it! With just a few simple ingredients and a little bit of elbow grease, you can keep your drains clean and clear. Remember – the key is to use baking soda as soon as possible after removing any hair so that it has more of a chance to get loose and rinse down the drain. And you may need to repeat this process if your drains are still having trouble with hair clogs or slow-draining water.

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Cleaning Shower Drain Clogs with a Plumbing Snake Method

One of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners deal with is a clogged shower drain. If you’ve found yourself stuck with a clogged shower drain, don’t stress out! There are quite a few different methods that can be used to clear your drain and get rid of pesky hair clogs. One such method is using a plumbing snake or auger.

What is a plumbing snake, you might ask? Well, it’s basically like your typical kitchen sink plunger – except that it has a long metal cable with a corkscrew-shaped tip on the end. This tip is designed to slowly spin its way through hair clogs, grabbing and pulling them out of the drain.

Using a plumbing snake takes a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy to use! To start, attach one end of your snake to the crank handle on your plunger. Slowly feed this through into your shower drain, starting at the top and winding your way around and down through the drain.

Once you’ve fed it all the way through, start cranking it back up to bring hair clogs, grime, dirt, etc. back up to the surface. Keep going until your drain is clear and unclogged! Easy peasy – right?

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The Manual Approach

When you notice hair clogging up your shower drain, it can be tempting to reach for the nearest household cleaner and pour it down. However, this is not necessarily the best course of action for removing hair from your shower drain. Over time, these solutions can damage a bathroom’s plumbing system and cause more problems than they solve. Instead, try one of the following methods to remove hair clogs from your shower drain by hand or with the help of a tweezer.

1. Use Your Hands To Remove The Clog

The first and simplest method for removing hair clogs from your shower drain is to use your hands. Start by pouring warm water down the drain to loosen any clogged-up hair or debris. Once the water is drained, scoop out whatever you can reach and discard it in the trash. If this isn’t enough to remove the remaining clog, continue the process by repeating step 1.

2. Use A Tweezer To Remove The Clog

If you try using your hands to remove a hair clog and find that it doesn’t work well enough, try using a tweezer instead. Start by pouring warm water down the drain and allowing it to loosen up any existing hair or gutters before attempting to pull anything out with a tweezer. This method may require several attempts before reaching success so be patient! For best results, wrap the tip of the tweezer with a paper towel or cloth towel to avoid getting your hands dirty.

3. Try A Commercial Drain Cleaner If Needed

Sometimes, the only way to remove a hair clog from a shower drain is by using a drain cleaner. While this option may seem easier than manually removing it, it can be harmful if used too frequently and should be taken only as a last resort. Always check product labels to make sure that what you’re using is safe for bathroom plumbing systems before pouring it down your shower drain in order to avoid any damage or health hazards.

Shower Drain Plunger Technique

For anyone with long, luscious locks, getting your hair out of the shower drain can feel like a never-ending battle. If you’re tired of dealing with clogged drains and dirty water, try using a plunger to clear things up.

To start, remove any hair and other debris from the drain opening. Next, fill the bathtub or shower halfway with hot water. Hold the plunger over the drain opening and work it up and down quickly for one to two minutes to expel whatever is blocking your drain. Repeat as necessary until your drain is free of hair and other blockages.

If you have a lot of hair buildup in your drain. You may need to use an enzyme cleaner before using the plunger to clear things up. These cleaners help break down any clumps of hair and other debris in your pipes, making it much easier to get them out with your plunger.

Another option is to install a hair catcher over your drain. This simple device will catch hair as it falls from your shower head, keeping it from ever reaching the drain. To clean the catcher, simply pull out all of the hair and toss it in the garbage. No need for a plunger or an enzyme cleaner!

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How to Avoid Clogging the Shower Drain

Unclogging hair from a shower drain is no fun. But if you take the right preventative measures you can avoid getting your drain clogged at all! With just a few simple tricks and some regular maintenance. You’ll be able to keep your drains clear. And save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

The main culprits behind clogged drains are hairs, soap scum, and dirt. These things collect in your drain over time and eventually cause it to become blocked up completely. While clearing out a clogged shower drain can seem like an impossible task at first glance. There are actually several different methods that you can use to get rid of the blockage without having to call for professional.

The best way to avoid having a clogged drain in the first place is by using hair-catching products. Such as drain stoppers and shower drain protectors. These are usually inexpensive and easy to install. So there’s no reason not to take advantage of them if you regularly use your shower! Additionally, if you find that you often forget to clean out your drains. Consider purchasing some replacement filters for your sink or shower faucets. These small meshes will catch any debris that runs through them while still allowing water to get through easily.


If you have long hair, then you’ve probably encountered a clogged drain at some point. Hair can gather quickly on shower drains, and often it’s very difficult to remove with simple cleaning methods. There are a few things that you can do to get the hair out of your shower drain. That will help ensure that your drains stay free from clogging.

To prevent future clogs and keep your drains free-flowing. There are some simple things that you can do on a regular basis to keep hair from building up in your shower drain. First, you should try to get into the habit of cleaning your shower drain regularly. Especially after having long or thick hair. You may also want to invest in a drain filter for your shower to catch. Any loose hairs before they have a chance to reach the drain at all. 

And finally, it is also helpful to keep a squeegee handy so that you can quickly wipe down the walls of your shower. After each use and prevent excess water from pooling and gathering around the drain itself. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to easily remove hair from your shower drain. And maintain optimal drainage for years to come!

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How to Get Hair Out of Shower Drain



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