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How to Keep Fitted Sheet on Bed: Secrets to Making Sure Your Fitted Sheet Stays Put!

How to Keep Fitted Sheet on Bed? It can be a nightmare to find a bedsheet set that doesn’t stick to your bed after you have changed sheets. They can’t be thrown away and you won’t wake up every morning with a pile of sheets. In this article, Arkfacility Store will give you tips on how to keep your sheets fitted on the bed. 

Making your bed can be one of the most frustrating parts of your day. It turns out that making your bed is a very important part of most people’s morning routine. Also, it can still be frustrating to get out of bed each morning, especially if your fitted sheets are continuing to slide off the corners of your mattress.

There are some tricks that you can use to make sure your fitted sheet stays on your mattress all night. These nine tips will make bed-making much more enjoyable in the mornings.

How to Keep Fitted Sheet on Bed?

You can keep fitted sheets clean on your bed in a few ways. One option is to use a fitted sheet hanger, which is a plastic or metal hanger with a hole in the middle for the fitted sheet. Hang the fitted sheet from the hanger on the side of the bed. Another method is to use a fitted sheet keeper, which is a small rectangle of material. Place it over the fitted sheet, fold the keeper’s tab on one end and tuck it under the fitted sheet, then push the fitted sheet onto the bed when you release the tab.

What Should I do to Keep Sheets in Place?

Use Sheet Suspenders

The best solution is sheet suspenders. Sheet suspenders are an inexpensive and common way to make sure your sheets stay on your mattress. Sheet suspenders are elastic strips that attach to the bottom of your sheets. They have locking mechanisms that ensure they stay put. Place these usually at the corners of your bed and attach them to your fitted sheet.

You can purchase sheet suspenders at most major retailers and mattress shops for a few bucks. To provide a more secure fit, you can crisscross them underneath the sheets. Since these straps are modifiable, you can select how close-fitting or loose you want the fitting to be. 

You Can Add an Under-sheet on Your Bed

An under-sheet is another great way to prevent your sheets from sliding around at night.

Place the sheets directly underneath your fitted sheet to increase friction between your mattress and the sheets. These are especially useful for soft materials like silk sheets and satin sheets.

To increase friction and prevent the fitted sheet from slipping, place a rougher, textured sheet under your fitted sheet. To use under your fitted sheet, you’ll need to choose warmer materials like fleece or flannel. This option might not work for you if you have delicate skin or struggle with hot flushes at night.

Consider Non-slip Corner Rugs

You can also use rug corners to hold your sheets in place all night. Grips hold rugs in place. Place your rug corners on the bottom of your sheet. Make sure they are flat against your mattress. This will reduce the likelihood of your mattress slipping during the night.

Almost any hardware store can provide you with rug corners. These corners are usually quite inexpensive and simple to attach. You can just put it under your sheet in each corner for it to become immovable. 

Safety Pins

A set of safety pins is another simple way to hold your sheets in place. Safety pins are quick and simple to use. Most likely, safety pins are already in place. You just need to secure your sheets to your mattress. Place your safety pins flat on your mattress to avoid any unpinning. Just make sure the material doesn’t put too much burden on the pin, or else it might rip completely.

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Place the Top Corner of Your Fitted Sheet on the First

The way you place your bedsheet can have a significant impact on how it stays put together. The corners at the top are often the most difficult to manage. It will be easier for your sheets to stay in their place if you get the top corners in order first. Because the top corners can be difficult to stretch your sheets towards. Use elastic straps or sheet suspenders to help if the sheets do not stick to the mattress after stretching them properly.

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Buying the Right Size Sheets

It might seem that you only need to purchase the right size sheets for your mattress. You should also consider your pocket depth. You call the depth of your mattress pocket depth. Your sheets may need to reflect this difference if you have a mattress that uses pillows tops, or mattress toppers.

Deep pocket sheets are a good choice if your mattress is taller than you think. Start by measuring the height of your mattress. Most sheets of bed linen will have the right dimensions and depths for you. If you still have trouble keeping them in place, you can purchase sheets with a zipper. These sheets will zip around your mattress’ edges instead of using elastic bands. Zipper sheets are rare, but they can be found in many sizes, colors, and materials.

A zippered set sheet or zippered mattress covers are an excellent way to protect your sheets from being moved around at night. The zipper will generally be at the bottom of your mattress. It stays covered well so that it doesn’t bother you as you sleep.

Make Your Own Sheets Straps

Sheet straps can be a simple DIY project that you can do yourself rather than buying a new product. Simply grab some elastic or rubber bands and attach them to your fitted sheet. You should also include a locking mechanism so that you can remove the straps easily if needed. This project is easy to do yourself, especially if you are a skilled sewer. If you have all the supplies necessary, it can be worth it.

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A mattress pad is a quilted covering that covers the mattress’s surface. The mattress pad can be placed underneath your fitted sheet and not increase in height, as they are typically quite thin. The average mattress topper is one to three inches thick and will provide a little more cushion.

A mattress pad or topper can be used to help soft materials stay in place. However, make sure you have the right size sheets. These sheets are great for adding friction to your mattress.

Check out our article about the key differences between mattress toppers and mattress pads to find out which one is right for you.

Why Do Sheets Come Off The Bed?

Even if you are able to make a bed, it is possible for the sheets to slip around the corners.

Incompatibility between your mattress size and the sheets you are using could be one of the causes of poorly-fitted sheets. If the pocket depth of your fitted sheet is not equal to the thickness of your mattress, it could cause the sheets to slowly roll off the edges.

The first step in keeping your sheets on the beds is to position the bed sheet correctly. With the same amount of fabric on both sides, place it exactly in the middle. To hold the sheet in place, you can tuck equal corners under the mattress.

Your sheets should have enough friction between the bedsheet and your mattress for them to stay in place. Smooth silk sheets can be soft and comfortable but won’t hold your mattress down.

Cotton that is both comfortable and slip-free will give you a better grip. To make satin sheets more durable, you can use a mattress topper to provide extra comfort and increase friction between the sheets and your mattress.


These tips will help you keep your sheets in order. These solutions are affordable and easy to implement, which is even better. If your sheets don’t stay in place, measure your bed carefully and make sure you are using the right size sheets. You can also use this opportunity to buy new sheets. It doesn’t matter what method you use, fitting your sheets well has never been easier.

It’s not difficult to learn how to put sheets on the beds. Finding a bedsheet that is right for your bed and mattress is the real challenge. You have already accomplished half of the task. These easy, affordable hacks will help you keep your sheets in place all night.

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How to Keep Fitted Sheet on Bed: Secrets to Making Sure Your Fitted Sheet Stays Put!



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