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How To Keep White Towels White

How To Keep White Towels? White towels are common in hotels as well as a white luxury bathrobe, and white bath sheet towels because they offer a timeless, refined appearance. The towels may, however, stop looking completely white. This will eventually make the customers think if towels may affect their skin including a waffled bathrobe, hand towels, and a face cloth towel.  It would cost a large amount of money if hotels would always replace new sets of nice white towels just because the color is slightly fading or changing.

So instead of doing this,  Arkfacility offers easy tips so you can maintain the towels or even make ordinary white towels into deluxe or supreme towel swhich, will also be effective for old fitted sheets and other hotel essentials to look new and best!

In order for your towels to keep their color white, they should only be washed together with a white set of towels and other clothing. It’s important that you do not wash them together with towels or clothing in bright colors. It is also advised to wash the towels in hot water so that dirt would be easier to get rid of. To properly achieve this, use only half a cup of detergent, and avoid using any fabric softener. 

Whites Should Only Be Washed With Whites

Whites are kept in the best possible condition by using specific wash settings. Warm water is the ideal temperature for washing towels, white clothing, and other fabrics such as fitted table cloth and bedlinens. You cannot mix them with other colors because doing so will result in the typical pinkish outcome caused by the red sock that is invariably accidentally mixed with whites. For instance, you can not mix white hand towels with orange hand towels or green hand towels. Regardless of its cheap hand towels or luxury hand towels, they should be white together. 

Another advantage of washing whites with other whites is that it keeps your towels vibrant and brilliant and would make them look like they’re anti-allergy products. White towels will not fade, but they will get dull over time. Whites are kept in better condition when washed together. 

Clean Spots Before Washing

Hotel staff members should constantly check white towels for stains. If you spot-clean your white towels before putting them in the washing machine, they will look their best since you know there are stains. You would know if you would clean and wash them properly or if it’s just reasonable to just throw them away, especially luxury bath rugs and other bath sheet set. 

Whether in a hotel or not, spot cleaning is essential to avoid permanent stains on linens, especially white sheets. Whether you use specialist equipment or detergent, spot cleaning is the most efficient way to get rid of stains.

During The Wash Cycle, Add Baking Soda

Adding some baking soda to the wash cycle is another way to keep your towels in good shape. A half cup of baking soda should be added to each load of white towels in addition to the usual amount of detergent.

The baking soda will react with the water and laundry detergent to keep your towels looking brighter and aid in stain removal. Baking soda can be a little harsh on other items, despite the fact that towels are intended to be more resilient than other materials. It would also be perfect for removing bacteria which will make the bathroom sheets more like anti-allergy products. Especially for the luxury hand towels for powder room which are mainly used for hygiene purposes.

Avoid Stuffing The Washer Too Full

If you’re behind on your laundry, it may be tempting to fill your washing machines to the brim. This not only puts more strain on your washing machines, but it also yields a less thorough clean.

Your clothes won’t be able to move around freely during the wash cycle if your washing machine is overloaded. You must sufficiently agitate your towels in order for them to receive the necessary deep cleaning. This is a common mistake in doing the laundry when it comes to washing hand towels in bulk. Since hand towels are small compared to common luxury bath sheets which are usually used in hotels. 

How to Properly Bleach White Towels

Chlorine bleach is one of the key ingredients for making your towels appear bright and vibrant white. However, it’s essential to use it correctly. Remember that bleach is a substance that will take all colors out of clothing. As a result, only use bleach with your white towels. This buying guide for whiter towels initially only focuses on white towels, despite the availability of color-fast and bleach-resistant towels.

Start by placing all of your white towels. To make sure they are all made of the same fabric, cotton should be used. Why? The warmest water you can find will be used to clean them. As some fabrics may only be washed in warm or chilly water, make sure all of your towels can withstand the same amount of heat. The highest washing machine heat setting that your towels will tolerate.

Reduce the load size when your towels start to agitate in the tub. Especially if each white towel measures 44×64. Place your white towels in the washer. The accustomed quantity of detergent should be put on. After closing the lid or door, start the wash cycle. After five minutes, your towels will be thoroughly moist and ready for bleach. Stop the machine right away, then mix a cup or so of warm water with a cup of bleach. Fill the machine with the bleach mixture right away, cover it, and start the cycle again.

Fluff Up And Fold Your Towels

Before hanging towels up to dry or putting them in the dryer, give them a good shake. The towel is fluffy by separating the cotton looms and removing the snagged threads. Tumble drying on low heat will produce the most fluff. High temperatures will cause the cotton fibers to break, hastening the aging of your towels. Avoid stuffing the dryer too full, as this can restrict towel movement and lengthen drying time. 

It would also affect the weight of the machine which would affect its function especially when most of the towels are 750 gsm towels. But even if it weighs less, such as a 450 gsm towel, it would still be ideal to not stuff the machine too full. The end result is brighter, whiter, and softer towels after every wash, so white towels may require a little extra care. You might want to give your towels two rinses after bleaching to get rid of any lingering smells. After that, use your dryer to dry your towels as usual.


As soon as your towels have finished drying completely in the dryer, fold them right away. A towel looks much better when tucked right away and left to sit overnight. The fabric won’t wrinkle after some time has passed. As a result, the towels in your hotel will appear much more professional.

Now that you know how to whiten hotel towels and make them look like a luxury towel or luxury bathrobe, they will keep looking their best for a more extended period of time. This is the secret to why hotels can keep the pure whiteness of their luxury bath sheets and other hotel essentials. And this is also their secret in order to refrain from triggering some customers with a linen allergy or other types of skin allergies they may have. 

Hotel towels of the highest caliber are very reasonably priced at ArkfacilityStore. Now it’s up to you to keep your towels white as well as your bathroom sheets, bed linens and more. Just follow the steps and instructions given above, and they’ll last longer than they did before. Your laundry problems are now solved. 

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How To Keep White Towels White