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Simple and Elegant Napkin Folding Ideas

Napkin folding is an art that can be used to add a touch of elegance to any meal. While it may seem daunting at first, napkin folding is actually quite easy once you know the basics. In this blog, we will teach you five easy napkin folds that are perfect for any occasion.

White Folded Napkin

The art of folding napkins may seem difficult at first however it’s actually a simple method to make your table look more attractive when entertaining guests. If you’re hosting a casual Sunday brunch for a couple of friends or an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner with the entire family, a beautifully pleated napkin can be a nice accent to each table setting which is an upgrade from your normal dinner. Additionally, you can utilize linens to brighten up your dining space or even to serve as a place to put dishes or name cards.

In folding napkins made of linen, make sure that you’re using top-quality materials that will allow napkins to maintain their shape and gives an elegant look when placed on the table.

Rolling Fold

Rolling Folded Napkin

You’ll never make a mistake with a napkin roll but there are certain guidelines for rolling napkins to ensure they appear professional. Begin with folding your napkin in quarters to create an elongated shape that has four layers. Beginning at the corner, fold on one edge of the napkin towards the middle and repeat the process with the other corner until both rolls are on the inside. Put the napkin into rings and place it on your table, with the smooth part visible to the guests.




The Pyramid

Pink Table Napkin

To make a large triangle, fold the napkin in half twice and lay it flat in its natural form before folding it diagonally. To ensure that the folded side faces you, turn the napkin. Fold the right-hand side in the direction that it is in the middle of the triangle. The fold should align directly with the line of center. Repeat the process with the left-hand side. You will now have a diamond with two seams that run down the middle.

Flip the napkin around making sure that the open side is to your left. Divide the circle toward your body, bringing the point that is furthest to the inside. Now you should have the shape of a triangle which points towards you , with two seams running across the middle. Flip the napkin over and ensure that the open end is facing you. Fold it in half to form your pyramid, then stand the napkin on its side and place it on the table for your table set-up.

The Diamond

Diamond folded napkin

Lay the napkin flat before you, with the inside of the napkin facing upwards. In half, fold the napkin in front of your body. Beginning with the open corner and pulling the first layer over to the other corner to ensure that it is aligned. Similar to the fold of the second flap, but this time, make sure the edge is about one inch lower than the fold prior to it folding.

Repeat the process with the remaining two layers, making sure each fold is evenly separated.

Once you’ve done this, flip the napkin upside down and fold the two sides, creating an angle. Flip the napkin more and you should have your diamond completed.

Napkin and Utensils set

The Pouch

Fold the napkin twice in fourths to create the size of a square, with four layers. The first one is from the left-hand corner, then rotates diagonally toward you until it meets the right-hand corner. Flip the napkin upside down and fold the right-hand side of the napkin in the middle then press it down flat. Repeat the process by folding the left-hand side of the napkin on the top portion of the napkin. If you flip the napkin over, you will find a neatly diagonal pouch where you can store your silverware.

Bishop’s Hat

Bishop hat folded napkin

Place the napkin square flat before you and fold in half, so that you’ve got a rectangular shape that has two layers. Fold the far right corner inwards so that the left-hand side is aligned to the top of the napkin line. The tip of the triangle must be at the centre of the line at the bottom. Fold the far right corner inwards until it aligns with your previous fold. The napkin should be turned over so that you get an oblong-shaped shape with corners that point towards the left side and the near right.

The napkin is folded in half, folding it away from your body and then bringing the bottom of the napkin upwards until it reaches the upper edge. Pull out the flap from the side you folded in such that you’ll have two small triangles on top of each other. After that, gently fold the left-hand side of the triangle into half and place the corner on top of the fold on the right-hand triangle. Flip the napkin over to ensure that the two points face away from you. Turn the triangle over to the left, tucking the corner in the second triangle, the same way as before.


The hat can be opened and then press the inside downwards to create space. put it on the floor; your bishop’s cap is now completed!

Lily Goblet

Green lily goblet folded napkin

Place the napkin in front of you. Fold in half toward you to form a rectangle using two layers. Fold in the opposite direction to the left. Beginning with the left-hand corner, create an accordion-like fan using the napkin on the opposite side and fold it into two halves. Fold the folded side of the napkin in the wine glass and then fan outwards to form a lily-shaped.


So, there you have it! A crash course in the art of napkin folding. Of course, as with most things, practice makes perfect. But with a little patience and a lot of practice, you’ll be impressing your dinner guests in no time. Who knows, you might even find yourself teaching them a thing or two about this delightful domestic art form. Thanks for joining me on this journey, and I hope you’ve found it as enjoyable as I have. Until next time!

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